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Handling Healthcare Business Disputes

You may not immediately think of a healthcare entity as a business because of its caregiving nature, but it definitely operates within a complex business framework. Healthcare providers face financial challenges, navigate regulatory compliance (also known as HIPAA), and address operational considerations – such as medical staff bylaws – just like any other business. 

At Fenton Law Group, we offer top-tier legal advice to assist you with handling healthcare business disputes. If your firm finds itself entangled in a challenging situation involving a physician, patient, hospital, or any other stakeholder within the healthcare marketplace, our experienced attorneys have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the process. 

What Is an Example of a Healthcare Business Dispute?

Let’s say your healthcare practice experiences a data breach due to cybersecurity concerns in your health record system. The patients affected by the breach are worried about the privacy and security of their personal medical information. This situation leads to a dispute between your healthcare business and the affected patients who want to be compensated for the potential consequences of the data breach.

With the assistance of a healthcare lawyer, your firm settles the dispute by compensating the patients and working to improve cybersecurity measures. But there is much more work to be done in terms of ensuring your firm follows federal rules, regains patient trust, and prevents future data breaches. 

How Can Fenton Law Group Help Your Firm Handle Healthcare Business Disputes?

If your healthcare practice faces a business dispute, our expert attorneys can help your team in various ways, depending on the situation. Here are some examples: 

Uphold HIPAA Compliance

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) sets rules to keep patients’ private medical information safe and prevent it from being shared without their permission. In situations such as the example above, where non-compliance with HIPAA standards can lead to financial or criminal disputes, our healthcare lawyers can protect your rights. Whether dealing with a data breach, cybersecurity concerns, a failure regarding Electronic Health Records (EHRs), or any other issue, our lawyers handle disputes professionally and efficiently.

Our goal is not only to resolve immediate conflicts but also to proactively ensure your firm abides by high-quality procedures moving forward. This includes consistently safeguarding patient information and maintaining strict compliance with federal healthcare regulations. 

Combat Healthcare Fraud and Abuse

In addition to addressing HIPAA compliance concerns, our legal team is well-versed in combating disputes related to healthcare fraud and abuse. We understand the significant impact fraudulent activities can have on healthcare entities, both financially and reputationally. If your firm faces a dispute related to billing discrepancies, anti-kickback violations, or other deceptive practices, our team can guide you in the right direction.

We leverage our expertise in healthcare regulations and investigation to safeguard your practice from legal issues related to fraud and abuse. By reducing the risk of fraudulent activities, your firm will be able to build authentic trust with your patients and improve your overall reputation within the healthcare industry.  

Maintain Your Reputation

A successful healthcare practice withstands strong relationships and a reputable image. After facing a business dispute or legal challenge, it becomes necessary to implement different procedures to prevent additional complications down the line.

At Fenton Law Group, we recognize how crucial it is to have a reputation that stands out in the industry. A damaged reputation can have profound and lasting effects on patient trust, stakeholder relationships, and overall business success. In handling healthcare business disputes, our lawyers not only navigate the intricacies of the conflict but also transform it into a valuable learning experience. We emphasize the importance of reassessing your firm’s structure and policies.

We will help you maintain a positive public image and regain client trust by managing crises effectively, developing communication strategies that prioritize transparency, and demonstrating a commitment to resolving issues responsibly.

Speak to a Healthcare Practice Attorney

Fenton Law Group has a team of seasoned healthcare law lawyers who can help you through the healthcare business dispute process. We don’t just give legal advice, we also want to help you solve the problem quickly and effectively. We recognize the importance of preserving your reputation, maintaining operational continuity, and complying with healthcare regulations. Fill out our contact form on our website today to connect with a healthcare practice attorney.