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Lawyers for DEA Audits

Fenton Jurkowitz Law Group represents healthcare providers during investigations, audits, and administrative actions by the federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). We also assist providers in investigating controlled substance irregularities and resolving DEA certification issues. With the advent of data mining, discrepancies in controlled substance prescribing or dispensing patterns increasingly trigger DEA scrutiny. Healthcare providers who prescribe and dispense Controlled Substances (Schedules II through V) are at risk of being audited for their compliance with DEA requirements.  It is essential for providers to understand both federal (DEA) and state (California Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement, BNE) regulatory compliance requirements. Federal and state requirements vary, and healthcare providers who handle controlled substances without strict compliance are at risk of civil monetary penalties, loss of DEA certification, potential licensing action, or even criminal sanctions.

Fenton Jurkowitz Law Group works with clients to address DEA audits and compliance issues and to assist clients in ensuring strict compliance with DEA requirements. Examples of recent matters include:

  • Auditing medical practices that discover issues in medication ordering procedures and assisting clients in addressing the compliance issues
  • Responding to DEA audit requests to demonstrate compliance with DEA regulations
  • Advising clients on the adoption of drug ordering practices

Fenton Jurkowitz Law Group works with clients to ensure DEA compliance prospectively and in responding to the DEA after an audit, investigation, or enforcement action has been initiated. Our attorneys are frequently called upon to speak and teach on issues of DEA compliance.

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