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What Are the Employment Laws Impacting Healthcare Workers?

healthcare employment law

It is commonly known that healthcare hours are highly demanding and require long shifts for their employees. Due to this, the environment and culture of a workplace are major factors in job satisfaction as well as physical and mental health.

Healthcare workers expect their employers to treat them respectfully and professionally. While many healthcare employers are appreciative of their staff, in some cases, a medical organization may wrongfully act on its prejudices or judgments. In doing so, the employee can suffer from lower wages, verbal or physical abuse, unfair contractual conditions, and other losses that may diminish their professional experience.

When the workplace becomes a hostile or unsafe environment, it is important that individuals seek a healthcare employment lawyer for guidance on how to legally protect themselves. If a healthcare employee feels they have been discriminated against, harassed, or wrongfully terminated, they have the right to proceed forward with an employment lawsuit.

What Are Examples of Employment Law Issues in Healthcare?

There are a variety of reasons why an employment dispute may occur in the healthcare industry. Some California lawsuits may be concerning:

An employee who experienced any of the above, or similar forms of hostility should hold the responsible parties accountable. In cases where it is safe to consult the organization’s human resources department, it is encouraged that the worker brings its attention to the concerns. However, an outside legal counsel should also be contacted in order to ensure you are protected from any bias within the organization.

healthcare employees

What to do When HR is Biased?

The human resources department is meant to help healthcare employees and employers resolve their issues in a timely, efficient manner. However, this is not always the case. Unfortunately, some HR departments may be biased towards or ill-equipped to handle the situation.

If HR contributed to the situation or took part in creating an uncomfortable environment, you can also name them in your lawsuit. Your attorney can provide you with further insight as to whether HR legally wronged you and what claims you can pursue against them.

When to File a Lawsuit Against Employer?

A healthcare worker who feels they have been wronged by their employer may be hesitant to speak out about their mistreatment. This may be due to fear of retaliation or even a lack of knowledge about their rights in the workplace.

Immediately after the situation occurs, the individual should contact a healthcare employment lawyer for guidance on how to proceed. It is advised the plaintiff gathers sufficient information relevant to the case if it is possible, such as witness statements or emails. Any findings will help your attorney build their argument.

The longer an employee waits to file a lawsuit against their employer, the harder it may be to hold the employer accountable. However, healthcare professionals should contact a lawyer even if it has been a substantial period of time as there still might be a case.

What is a Typical Employment Lawsuit Settlement?

Each employment lawsuit settlement differs depending on the severity of the case. Some factors that determine the payout are the size of the organization and the type of damages claimed. Settlements can range from thousands of dollars to even hundreds of millions of dollars. The right healthcare employment attorney will argue for compensation comparable to the suffering endured.

How a Healthcare Employment Attorney Can Help You

Victims of a hostile healthcare workplace have the legal right to take action against their employer without repercussions. While it may feel intimidating or trivial to speak up, it is important for workers to feel safe and appreciated at their workplace. Bringing awareness to employment disputes, harassment, or discrimination ultimately leads to a reformed healthcare system.

Your story deserves to be told. Contact Fenton Jurkowitz Law Group online or by phone, to learn your options in an employment dispute.