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Nick Jurkowitz Interviewed in Hospice News “Hospice Fraud” Article

Nick Jurkowitz was recently interviewed by Jim Parker for his Hospice News article “Health Care Lawyer Nick Jurkowitz: Fraud is a Top Concern for Hospices.” In the piece, Jim speaks with Nick about the hurdles that hospices are facing in 2020 and legal concerns to consider ahead of 2021. Nick begins by discussing the most pressing legal concerns for hospice providers.

“Hospices are a targeted area in a highly regulated arena. Fraud is always the first and foremost concern you’d have in that type of industry. That could range anywhere from civil or criminal. The government could seek to recoup money paid if something was done improperly.”

Nick also offers his insight into how hospices can protect themselves from potential litigation.

“The first thing they should be doing is making sure that they’re fully informed of all the requirements and the regulations. It goes beyond just making sure that you’re not committing crime or committing fraud, but really understanding exactly what is involved in a certification and recertification process, making sure that they maintain all documentation, and that they have appropriate documentation.”

The full article can be found below.

Health Care Lawyer Nick Jurkowitz: Fraud is a Top Concern for Hospices

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