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Henry Fenton Successfully Helps Doctor Client Obtain Unrestricted Medical License

Henry Fenton recently assisted a doctor client in obtaining a California Medical License after years of retaliatory and unfair criticism threatened to ruin the doctor’s career. During his residency, the doctor in training made a complaint about the quality of nursing at the hospital where he was completing his residency. His record was stellar up until he filed the complaint. After filing the complaint, the doctor was suddenly unfairly criticized, and subsequently applied to and was admitted into a residency program in another state, which he completed with flying colors. The doctor was then offered a position in California, where he needed to obtain his California Medical License. The difficulty was the first residency’s retaliatory and unfair criticism, which was conveyed to the California Medical Board. Any declination of license in California, or more likely, a probationary license would have cost the doctor the position and would have been a permanent stain on his career. Fortunately, on April 2, 2019, with Henry Fenton’s help, the doctor was granted a a full and unrestricted medical license in California.

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