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Fenton Jurkowitz Law Group Successfully Represents Primary Care Physician

Henry Fenton and Nick Jurkowitz successfully represented a primary care physician, Dr. Radha Menon, before the Medical Board of California. Dr. Menon was wrongly accused of repeated acts of negligence, the prescription of dangerous drugs without appropriate prior examination, as well as the excessive prescription of controlled substances. The trial resulted in dismissal of the Medical Board Accusation, along with several failed amended Accusations, after the Complainant failed to provide clear and convincing evidence of any wrongdoing.

Many of the accusations were based solely on the erroneous findings and faulty conclusions of another doctor whose “conclusions were replete with errors and faulty assumptions with respect to his evaluation.” The charges were consequently refuted by a careful reading of the medical records and the testimony of two other doctors who “convincingly established that Respondent performed within the standard of care at all times with respect to examining, treating, and monitoring these patients in all respects, including prescribing appropriate medication to address their problems.”