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Fenton Jurkowitz Law Group Prevails in Court on Behalf of Physician in License Revocation Case

Henry Fenton and Nick Jurkowitz recently prevailed in a case handled before the Medical Board of California and the Superior Court of California. Fenton Jurkowitz Law Group represented a surgeon whose license was revoked by the Medical Board of California. The allegations against the surgeon, which included six causes of discipline, resulted in a revocation of license and a probation period.

Fenton Jurkowitz Law Group argued in a petition for Writ of Mandate that the Medical Board of California’s administrative proceedings violated the surgeon’s due process rights. The firm also argued that the Board prejudicially abused its discretion when findings used to come to a decision were not supported by the weight of the evidence. The Superior Court of California concluded the case by granting the petition for Writ of Mandate, ordering the Medical Board of California to set aside their decision and to reconsider the matter in light of the Court’s decision.