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Consequences of Losing a Hospice Fraud Claim

If you work in the hospice industry, it is vital to understand all the rules and regulations concerning hospice fraud. An accidental error could lead to a hospice fraud accusation, which can bring major, broadly categorized consequences, including huge financial penalties, a knock on reputation, and a loss of other resources, such as time. Note that the extent and scale of these consequences will depend on your situation, and you should consult an experienced attorney to assist with your hospice fraud case. Whether it is a kickback scheme, backchanneling with beneficiaries, providing an unnecessary level or length of care to receive higher reimbursement rates, falsifying records, or providing incomplete services, a claim against your hospice company can be incredibly damaging.


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One of the consequences you will face when accused of hospice fraud is a significant loss of time. Hospice fraud lawsuits can be complicated and time-consuming for everyone involved, with some cases taking many years to resolve. The time commitment a hospice fraud defense requires can be incredibly detrimental to the day-to-day operations of your hospice business.

The best way to prepare for and avoid a hospice fraud lawsuit is to stay informed about everything you need to know regarding hospice fraud.

However, if you do find yourself in a situation where you have been accused of hospice fraud, it is vital to conduct thorough research before choosing your defense. Choosing a hospice fraud lawyer with significant experience and a track record of successful outcomes will improve your chances of winning the case and limit the amount of time you personally spend working up a defense.


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Depending on the nature of the claim(s), defense of hospice fraud claims can be very expensive. Long hospice fraud court battles can rack up tremendous legal fees, which pale in comparison to the massive penalties that can be imposed as the result of a losing case. Historically, hospice fraud cases have led to the DOJ charging the guilty party and ordering them to pay millions of dollars.


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A long-lasting consequence of losing a hospice fraud case is the effect on your company’s reputation. Hospice fraud cases tend to receive considerable media coverage, with details of these cases being discussed on the internet. Anyone looking to select a hospice care provider will be conducting sufficient research before making their choice. If potential patients or their family members read an article about your company losing a hospice fraud case, they will likely look elsewhere for hospice care services.


A hospice fraud accusation can be a business altering experience. Your operations may be affected, and the lawsuit will be expensive. If you are not able to entirely avoid an accusation, the next step is to retain an attorney with a reputation for garnering successful outcomes. Losing a case can result in having to pay treble damages in addition to penalties under the False Claims Act. If you are facing a hospice fraud accusation, contact us today.

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