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Benjamin Fenton Speaks to Courthouse News About Kaiser Permanente’s Reaction to Unprecedented Damages Awarded in Retaliation Suit

Benjamin Fenton was recently quoted in the Courthouse News article, “Kaiser aims for mediation to avoid nurse’s $41.5 million retaliation award” which examines how the healthcare giant is responding to nurse Maria Gatchalian being awarded a massive sum in a retaliation case. Ms. Gatchalian sued Kaiser Permanente on the basis that she was wrongfully terminated for speaking up about problems within the hospital after her supervisors advised her not to. 

“There must have been some pretty egregious evidence to support the retaliation claim,” Benjamin shares in regards to the jury’s decision. With Kaiser facing not just negative press from this lawsuit, but also a large financial loss, the healthcare company has asked the judge to delay entry of judgment while they pursue mediation. 

When considering possible outcomes, Benjamin continues on to note, “There are a lot of moving pieces, but with an award this size, there’s a bigger chance the judge will reduce it.” 

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