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Benjamin Fenton Discusses the ‘Take Care of Maya’ Trial With Herald Tribune

Benjamin Fenton was recently quoted in Sarasota Herald-Tribune‘s article entitled “As ‘Take Care of Maya’ trial nears conclusion, attorneys weigh in on complicated trial,” which examined the complex ‘Take Care of Maya’ trial, named for its Netflix documentary. Maya Kowalski was admitted to the Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in 2016, and upon displaying inconsistencies in symptoms and behaviors was court-separated from her family while they were investigated for potential child abuse. This overwhelming and disheartening process led her mother Beata Kowalski to take her own life.

The Kowalski family is suing the hospital surrounding the rights of parents to determine the best medical treatment for their child, while examining how the mandatory reporters should follow a standard of care when accessing these decisions as “abusive.” Benjamin explained, “Those statutes need to be read very carefully, very narrowly, and these mandatory reporters need to be very well trained,” continuing to say, “There needs to be levels within hospitals, where there’s supervisory levels where they really understand the purposes of these statutes in terms of reporting abuse and taking rights away from parents.”

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