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Ben Fenton Speaks to Los Angeles Business Journal About Growing Market for Healthcare Attorneys

Ben Fenton spoke with the Los Angeles Business Journal about the growing market for healthcare attorneys in an article that highlights how healthcare law has evolved in recent years. The article notes that there is an increased appetite for taking healthcare cases to trial, especially in light of ballooning settlement payouts, and examines how an uptick in fraud investigations has led to more providers being caught in federal crosshairs than ever before.

“You definitely have plenty of cases where people feel strongly about their legal position and don’t want to settle,” Ben shared regarding some of the “flimsier” fraud cases he has seen. “It’s hard to pinpoint the reasons, but a lot of times I do think it is government overreach and government assuming that any type of mistake by a health care provider is intentional and was done to defraud the government.” He continued to note that healthcare providers are facing a wave of litigation from private insurers as well.

The full article can be found below.

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