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Ben Fenton Quoted in Bloomberg Law on Product Liability and Damaged Ventilators

Ben Fenton was recently quoted in Ayanna Alexander’s Bloomberg Law article “Broken Ventilators Require Easier Fixes, Black Leaders Demand,” which discusses the rising demand for usable ventilators as black communities continue to bear the brunt of coronavirus deaths. According to Ben, ventilator manufacturers may fear potential product liability claims if the devices they help repair malfunction.

“If the manufacturer tries to make a good faith effort, which we want them to do, and say we’re going to work with hospitals so they can repair these defective machines, and then there is a mistake by the hospital in attempting to fix, then you possibly expose the manufacturer to liability, and the manufacturer is worried that attempting to make unusual concessions to fix the devices will come back and bite them if there are mistakes,” Ben said.

To read the full article, click here.

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