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Anne Schneider’s Article on Cosmetic Surgery Industry Published in Healthcare Business Today

Anne Schneider’s article, “The Cosmetic Surgery Industry: Proceed With Caution,” was recently published in Healthcare Business Today. In the article, Anne sheds light on the ability of doctors in California to practice in specialties they did not complete a residency in, and how this practice extends into the cosmetic surgery industry. She reviews board certifications in plastic and cosmetic surgery and their distinctions in training and provides suggestions to improve public awareness and physician specialty education. 

“Although state laws on the issue vary, a licensed physician in the United States (including the state of California), is not required to commit to the field of medicine he or she studied during residency,” Anne writes. “As such, under current law, a gynecologist, for example, may elect to perform cosmetic procedures—including cosmetic surgeries—without having been specially trained to do so.”

Read the full article here.

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